Halloween Information

Dear Neighbors,
As you are aware, Halloween is fast approaching and we want to provide you with information to maximize the enjoyment that this holiday can provide while keeping safety a top priority. The Dothan Police Department will be patrolling the streets and they have agreed to monitor the vehicles entering the neighborhood. This will enable trick or treaters to come visit our homes, but they will be asked to park their vehicles at the Professional Park. This year there will be a $5.00 charge for parking. Please make sure your Grove Park Logo sticker is placed on the left or drivers side of the rear window. The Grove Park stickers will help identify home owners during Halloween, enhance the neighborhood watch program and promote a sense of community for Grove Park residents. If you are new to the neighborhood or need additional stickers you will need to contact the office at 334-308-0049 or email bjohnson@regencymultifamily.com.

For the safety of everyone…Please DO NOT park in the street. The streets can become too congested and not allow emergency vehicles to get in to the neighborhood. If you have friends visiting, come up with a plan. Adjust vehicles to park in driveways, use your neighbor’s driveway (with permission), carpool or come early and park in the Professional Park and walk to the house.

Thank you so much for your cooperation in this matter. We are hoping for a Halloween full of treats with no tricks this year!

If you have any questions please contact Regency Multifamily at (334) 308-0049.

Happy Spooking,
Grove Park Board of Directors